Tuesday, November 15, 2005

septic stob wound

the thorny honey locust tree has very dangerous 2"-3" thorns growing around its trunk. coincidentally these trees allegedly make excellent corner posts. i fell two of them to use for our nimue (the cow) fence. while wrestling one of lengths into proper corner hole position i noticed that i didn't cut every single thorn off the log. i knew this by the massive hole in my leather glove and hence the center of my hand. these thorns have some kind of poison that guarantees that infection is assured. another characteristic of the thorn is it has a break point kinda like a lizards tail. this little tip ALWAYS stays in any puncture wound. i have been soaking my hand regularly and getting loads of puss out of it. yesterday i tried to go to work but i had no strength in my hand and had to leave early due to severe pain. tabitha says it's no big deal and people get them all the time. now my hand is swollen and practically unusable. it's 3:30 am and i can't sleep so i decided to soak my hand again. i plan to lance it later today and dig in there for the little bastard. since my ambidextrous nature has long been driven out of me from years of right handed implements. i'll probably dig around and not actually get the bugger.

my current regimen
sleeping with castor oil poultice
soaking hand regularly
keeping triple antibiotic ointment on it between soaks
seven salve was my first line of defense
taking oral arnica & advil
any other recommendations?


pablo said...


karl said...

aah yes, the answer too and the cause of life's many problems. i should have thought of that. had it been invloved in the cause of this problem it might have been more obvious.

BeanMama said...

OUCH!!! Baby kisses?

stella said...

comfrey and plantain are good for drawing...make a poultice out of them. if you don't have comfrey, just use the plantain...it grows everywhere!

or, you can follow greg's advice...

cautorize the existing wound with a hot poker and then in 2-3 months it'll stop hurting and it'll leave a cool scar.

personally, i'd rather try the herbs as it is less invasive! :P

hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Dude, that sucks! I say, cut the whole damn thing off, grow another, and start all over again!No sense in living in the past! Otherwise, do the cautorizing thing. Use black gun powder and take it like a man! Don't tell Tabitha my ideas, she'll kill me!
Uncle Matt

stella said...

hehehe...sounds like uncle matt would get alonf well with greg!

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