Sunday, November 20, 2005

killing chickens

today is going to be about killing chickens. i'll post photos later.

there are four large trees laying in pieces in the field. most of the brush is burned and now we'll just have to split and stack them into piles. the coals were still hot three days later from the original bonfire. i stirred the coals yester eve and restarted the brush burning. i'll go out there this morning before breakfast and work some more of that mess up.

i can't wait for the day to break so i can get started. it is supposed to snow here today!! that would be very cool.


pablo said...

No snow here in Kansas City. Don't think it will get cold enuf to snow.

stella said...

too warm near st. louis for snow was predicted to have some here about 5 days ago but that prediction quickly left...

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