Friday, November 18, 2005

it was F*#k!ng huge

the thorn finally came out with persistant digging. it was huge. 3/8 of an inch long--deep in my hand.

i might have been easier for it to come out the other side.

whew, now i can split wood again and work again, i am so happy the suffering is over. man the puss that came with it was amazing.

oh, happy day!


pablo said...

"Man, the puss that came with it was amazing!"

This is why i love to come to this blog every day! If only there were a visual aide, too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, post a picture! The suspense is killing me! Uncle Matt

BeanMama said...

Yes... what of the photographs? Don't tell me you only want to remember the warm fuzzy things?

karl said...

i must admit that i was over come by the moment and didn't think to get the camera. the thorn, although large, doesn't photograph well on its own. the setting of all the puss and swollen hand were lost in the passion of relief. tabitha tells the story that the thorn is 1/2 inch long. i measured it. it is just a fraction under 3/8 of an inch long. maybe as history has a tendency to revise its self toward the dramatic i'll also tell the story that it was a 1/2 an inch long. but for the permanent record and for those of you whom will know us for many years--it has been documented that it is only 23/64 th of an inch long and the diameter of a pencil lead.

as far as warm & fuzzy stuff, i guess, if i'm going to describe something in detail i should have the visuals handy. i'll do better next time.

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