Saturday, November 12, 2005

i saw, i shot and i missed

i went hunting with mike this morning. i saw, i shot and i missed. i haven't fired a gun since i was a kid. the buck, maybe three or four point, came along the hollow. my body was frozen still with my butt asleep. he paused and looked around. i raised my gun as he was looking the other way. my hands were shaking a little. i focused on the still deer. bringing my sites to his mid section. sloowly squeezing the trigger. bam, with a puff of grey smoke the deer did this crazy ass over head jump and skittered off. i went up to where the deer ran from to see if there was any blood. none i tracked the path it took looking for blood and nothing.... i missed it entirely.

yesterday, we worked on fencing corner posts. i got a locust thorn in my hand. it really hurts today. we are expecting rain this afternoon. i guess i'll get to work before i get rained out.

i'll post some photos this afternoon.


pablo said...

Touch luck about your hunt today. I'm staying home from the woods for the next 10 days in case someone is desperate enuf to think I look like a deer.

Rebekah said...

I'm sorry you missed the deer. It is only the first day, no?

I do so enjoy reading things from both your and Tabitha's prespective. (sp?) You two are such a pair, and really write well!

I don't remember which post it was (just caught up) but that sucks about the walnuts. Sounds like the sludge is part tannic acid-hence the staining? I have no experience with walnuts, only pecans. You and Tab are very innovative, I'm sure you will reach a solution quickly! :0)

Hope your hand heals up nicely and that you nab a deer soon.

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