Saturday, November 12, 2005

i saw, i shot and i missed

i went hunting with mike this morning. i saw, i shot and i missed. i haven't fired a gun since i was a kid. the buck, maybe three or four point, came along the hollow. my body was frozen still with my butt asleep. he paused and looked around. i raised my gun as he was looking the other way. my hands were shaking a little. i focused on the still deer. bringing my sites to his mid section. sloowly squeezing the trigger. bam, with a puff of grey smoke the deer did this crazy ass over head jump and skittered off. i went up to where the deer ran from to see if there was any blood. none i tracked the path it took looking for blood and nothing.... i missed it entirely.

yesterday, we worked on fencing corner posts. i got a locust thorn in my hand. it really hurts today. we are expecting rain this afternoon. i guess i'll get to work before i get rained out.

i'll post some photos this afternoon.
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