Tuesday, November 01, 2005

those crazy stove pipe people

well, the stove pipe fiasco saga continues. after tabitha ranted at the incompetent people of metal fab. they allegedly canceled our order and refunded our money. well guess what arrived on our door step yesterday. yep, the deluxe double wall chimney. bastards--does that mean they aren't going to credit our account? tabitha called again and they swear that the credit has already been sent. have they boldfaced lied to us in the past? YES. i all i know is that i spent the better part of a day making my own double wall pipe and insulated protection mechanism. and it performs wonderfully--it looks good to boot. plus it cost me $169 less than their expensive solution.

i don't want this crap and i want my account credited.

worse yet our cows intended pasture has just seemingly shrunk because of a glitch in the matrix. this one is still unfolding so i'll keep quite but there is never a dull moment here for the pile of o'melays.

anyway we need fence materials, fence posts and barbed wire. we have a bit of woven wire that should do for a while.

on a brighter note. when we moved here i weighed 205 lbs and i just got on the scale and weigh 180 lbs. better yet i'm really strong. no matt i haven't tested myself on any graduated machine. but i can easily curl 75 lbs all day long (because i do) and i don't have any chub anywhere.
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