Wednesday, November 02, 2005

kassi burned herself on the wood stove

my precious angel has burned herself 20% of her arm. i get sick inside thinking about it. we went to the hospital and she is fine. they gave a lifetime supply of silver sullfadiazine--allegedly the most amazing burn treatment available.

so check this out--a hospital visit that was actually a pleasure to be part of. they were so cool, attentive, compassionate, responsive and everything you'd dream a hospital visit to be. i can't believe it. although we were prepared for the worst and our expectations were extremely low it was wonderful. well i'd just as soon have not had any reason to be there but still under the circumstances........

kassi got all hopped up on baby drugs that they gave and was being her most aggressive contrary self to the imaginary foe in the hallway. it was really funny. i hope she sleeps well tonight.

tabitha and i are emotionally spent from the ordeal. the easy-now tea seems to be helping though.
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