Saturday, February 18, 2006

covered in snow

although it wasn't obvious at first, i woke to the sound and lights of the snow plow. i looked out to see that everything was white. i pessimistically thought 'oh just a light dusting.' then when i went to get wood for the fire the wood under the porch it was covered in snow. there was more than five inches covering the ground! whoo-hoo, when the kids wake up they'll love it.

i couldn't see nimue, the cow. i looked out all of the windows and couldn't find her. what if she freaked out from the snow and broke through the fence? i decided to get dressed and go check on her. i had to oil my boots--they were long over due.

i sullied forth into the snow. it was at least six inches deep. nimue made her presence known hearing me from the door. so i just took some photos of the snowy house. this is a compilation of four different shots blended together.

i took this one as i walked through the pasture trying to figure out where nimue weathered the snowstorm. i walked the entire pasture and didn't see any obvious resting places. nimue was covered in icy snow. i wonder if she stood-up during the entire snow? i worry about her having a calf in inclement weather. i just keep telling myself this species has been doing this for millennia--at least thousands of years.

i gave her grain and brushed most of the icy snow off her. she must like the snow cause she was bucking around and generally frolicking.

the chickens are scared of the snow. they haven't even gone down the rampart to eat and get water yet. i guess that is where scared as a chicken "your a chicken" comes from.
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