Sunday, February 26, 2006

stanchion for milking

nimue has been feisty lately--especially in the morning. this behavior is counter to quietly milking more than two gallons out of her each morning. tabitha finally gave in and admitted that we need a stanchion (the thingie that holds a cow by the neck). i had some scrap cedar poles left and decided that something that appears rustic was in order. besides the car is on the fritz and runs to the lumber yard weren't an option. i based the design on an old one that i saw in mikes barn--simple, effective and time tested. i used my chainsaw for all the cuts (ripping the poles, notching and mitering)--this added to the rustic effect. it turned out pretty cool and functions like i'd made dozens of them before.

the cow hates the stanchion. i hate it for her but who knows how she'll freak out when she has a calf.

being a frequent contributor to the participatory panopticon has thrown me for a spin. more on this later...

my completed list...
split, hauled and stacked a rick of wood from below the pasture up to the front barricade. tabitha and the kids helped, well the kids got wheelbarrow rides back down the hill and looked busy. tabitha stacked and loaded while i split.

built the stanchion.

cleaned up most of the last fell tree in nimues pasture.

i completed the first draft of my proposed job description.

i loaded the front porch (full) with wood.

i played with the kids tons, lots of pushing in swings and general funny business.

i worked a deal with a neighbor to trade a cord and half of wood for a slightly used rear tine roto-tiller--craftsman brand. i'm about 2/3 the way there (he requested 24" length and big splits if any). pretty easy. i didn't expect to trade but i had this over sized stack of wood from when the power company cut the front trees. he stopped and asked about it. i said "i'd sell it cheap." he was such a nice guy. he came back to visit and said he had this tiller and would trade. we shook on it.

one less thing to worry about roto-tiller for the garden. now if i could just get a table saw--i could finish the trim in the house.

oh and i almost forgot--i made another car appointment for tomorrow morning. i hate, hate, hate taking cars to the shop. it was just there, they allegedly checked it out and gave it passing marks. maybe they forgot to plug somthing back together. whatever... they were still very cool to me on friday and i appreciate what they did do and especially the price.

another waisted day driving to the dealer in springfield.
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