Friday, February 10, 2006

"see i'm a nice boy"

i was gone for three days cutting cedars at roaring rock state park. i miss my family so much when i am gone. i am scared i'll miss something really cool that the kids do for the first time. i guess tristan was kinda naughty while i was gone. it is understandable because he is used to having me around and it is a huge change for him when i am gone. tabitha was using the promise of movie night to leverage good behavior. when i got home i brought the mail and the kids got valentines from my parents. they loved them tristan had me read his to him several times (it said "to a nice boy... ...happy valentines day") then he'd say kassi too. little stuff like that makes them so happy. after i had been home a while i mentioned that "only nice boys" get to have movie night. he immediately produced proof that he was a "nice boy" (the valentine card from grandme and grandpa) he said "see i'm a nice boy." i almost fell over laughing. i guess if it is written in print it must be true.

somehow the printer didn't work to print the valentines cards photos. i'm going to re-setup the file and try again this morning. the cards might be a bit late but they are on their way.

tristan can write his name! it is completely legible and very neat(i'll scan one of his examples later.) he also walks around muttering "T, R, I, S, T, A, N" all the time. this no-tv decision has really shifted his focus to wanting to learn to read.
applications for pen pals will be accepted via U.S.P.S. all applications must be printed in all caps and very complementary to both tristan and kassi.

trash day
valentines printout
milking shed
make-up for lost hugs while gone
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