Sunday, February 12, 2006

scorched earth too

this latest rock ring is almost finished. we'll stretch the fence to it my next day off.

if you compare this photo from an eairlier post you can see that the burn is on the right of where tristan was standing. i am standing at the pond shooting the camera toward the house up the path same as before.

this is a panorama of the entire burn. i'm standing on the rocky crossing of the ravine and directly next where the fire got outta control.

if you look closely you can see the two lines of defense that i tried to contain the fire with. the final one was the least proper and since the wind died down was the only one that was effective.
this is our frozen pond. i figured out why it is so black. it seems that during the digging of the pond we stirred clay into the water and the clay particles are positively charged and remain suspended. allegedly there are additives that we can use to break the positive charge and the clay will sink. i don't plan any thing quite so elaborate. time will heal this one.

these are the six posts that will support the roof of the shed. we need some gravel to ram in to set them. the local clay won't be as effective. this gravel should be arriving thursday.
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