Friday, February 24, 2006

i met some kindred souls today

i had lunch with some very cool gentlemen. they were impressed with me before we met. i guess my resume(s) did the trick. they might have talked to my previous employer (SLP) but i think the friend of a friend recommendation was all that they were going on. they might hire me if all works out. at first glance it appears too perfect to be true. they want me design my perfect position. we talked about all the things that i truly care about--my family, solar, the environment, and sustainability among others. they need someone in research and development that can take their ideas from the concept stage through to the production line. Implementation (real hands on construction of the products), marketing materials for the new products, and plans for production and automation.

i talked about my need to spend time with my family and desire to work somewhere that i can sink my teeth into. i think we clicked and i need to put together this proposal and get back to them in short order. i'm pretty sure that they pay well--they'd kinda need too, to compensate for the drive time. but i am more excited about possibly working on new solar thermal products, rain water collection, storage, filtration and delivery.

these guys are very smart and we already have such similar views that a match between myself and their company is likely.

this could be huge!
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