Friday, February 17, 2006

this is what NO TV does to a small boy

this is my boy without T.V. he is so great he loves this book brother bear
yes it is based from a movie but all he gets is the book except for friday night movie night. tonight is movie night. we plan to see a movie that tristan wants.

stuff i did today
  • loaded the porch with wood from across the street i had to haul and split 5 loads to fill the porch.
  • stretched the woven wire across the back of the house from the new rock ring to both gate posts. basically finished the fence along the back of the house.
  • i cut the rest of the wood in nimue's pasture into small pieces. i'll split and stack it this weekend.
  • i chunked more of that wood in the front yard and split a few pieces for stacking.
  • cleaned the pig feeder of rodent nests and other rubbish.
  • tabitha & i picked up the manure in nimues pasture strewed it across part of the garden.
  • i called and found out that we can roof our 18 by 20 roofing shed for less than $250 in galvanized steel and ready for rain water collection

  • we decided on the hobit. it has been years since tabitha and i have seen it. the movie night excitement is so cool. the kids love it and appreciate it, if you know what i mean.
    i want to go to church sunday. we plan to join this church and don't want to seem lame. besides i generally want to go to church. we are so blessed and should be thankful.
    i really need a table saw!! i keep coming back to this obstacle and hate it.


    pablo said...

    You can certainly be proud of all you have accomplished, both in your farm chores and the raising of your children. If you ever have doubts about your chosen lifestyle, just go back to posts like this one.

    HomesteadHerbs said...

    You've accomplished so much! My lists just keeps getting longer, even though I'm crossing alot of things off of it! :-) I'm not complaining however, I call this fun!!

    And you should be very proud of your children! I see so much difference when my children interact with others whose lives are geared around TV and the constant organized activities. Mine behave better, can converse better, can entertain themselves better, are more mature....but then I might be slightly biased! ;-)

    Which church are you visiting? I found such wonderful friends and help when I started attending my current church- and I've learned so much! God is good!

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