Monday, February 13, 2006


the cedars are all cut. we cut fifteen acres of dense cedar forest from roaring river state park. the terrain was steep and rocky. we did about .4 acres per person per day. we had to fell them leaving a stump less than four inches from the ground. then cut them into manageable pieces for burning. the trees were beautiful. if we had been able to haul them out and sell them there would have been way over fifty thousand dollars worth of cedar closet lining.

i came home to a bath tub left in our driveway by some random neighbor. what is that about? well we are going to use it in some of our livestock operation. possibly it will be a secondary waterer for our shaded pasture.

the pigs will be ready for pickup in a week. a person might ask, do we have containment? NO, we have successfully shirked the pig raising onto mike. he needs a pond hogged. is that a verb? anyway he has a pond that needs to be sealed and hogs are the best and only method worth considering in the ozarks. the pigs will visit our garden in the fall for a final clean-up and a fresh tilling then off to slaughter.

the cat is on the fast track to being an outdoor kitty. our cat climbs on any warm body and cozys-in. this is counter to raising a small child that cannot kick the cat off. so, the cat goes because there will be a new baby soon.
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