Saturday, March 18, 2006

another chicken bites the dust

people on this road drive so fast. i wish they'd put in a big speed bump. admittedly our chickens should stay out of the road but it is so easy just to slow down when you see something in the road. we plan to get a rooster when we get our broilers this spring. the rooster should help re-populate our flock assuming they survive until the rooster reaches maturity. we have some more chicken containment to achieve but that hasn't been as big a priority since our chickens seemed to have learned to stay out of the road--another priority shift.

i went and got tin roofing from an old fallen barn for our milking shed. it is old and not really suitable but it'll have to work until we can afford to purchase some new.

it is impossible to really make much progress right now. i can't imagine being a single parent. tabitha and i planted peas today--that felt good. i managed to fabricate and install new handles on our high-wheel cultivator (this one is a newer version). i used it to prepare the soil for the peas. it worked very well. i'll take a photo tomorrow.

we failed with our church. it was too much and we have decided to try different one. there is allegedly a universal unitarian in springfield. we generally only go once a month anyway--so being that distance isn't really that big of a deal. this lutheran church was way too creepy (all gays go to hell, women are to be seen and not heard, creation in six, twenty four hour periods, and on and on...) i thought we could glean the good stuff and overlook the bad but obviously our kids don't have that power. plus as anna's sister so eloquently stated "we are endorsing those positions by attending their church"

the quest for a new church resumes......
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