Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Old house

this is an old house that i pass by every day. She is a very beautiful old lady with many stories to tell. She sits there all alone high on a hill. i would have taken a close picture except trespassing in these parts is a shooting offense. i have seen a truck feeding cows in the same field but yet to see any people. Once i do I'll get permission to walk up close and get a better shot.

yesterday i met everette knight. he was using a high-wheel cultivator in his garden and i spotted him. i pulled over to watch. we greeted each other and talked gardening. i told him i admired his high-wheel cultivator. he told me how he fixed it and that it works better than ever. i mentioned that i have been looking for one. he offered the usual suspects for sources. i already had no luck at any of them. i mentioned where we live and to visit any time, he said "oh the place with all the cut wood."

i eventually left after exchanging niceties. i drove home and told tabitha about the encounter. about ten minutes later everette showed up with an old high-wheel cultivator. the handles were missing but the rest of it was in great shape. everette is 86 years old.
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