Friday, March 03, 2006

this post was saved by blogger (auto-save-draft)

whew, technology is the trouble with, and solution to my problems. the computer crashed--thank you norton utilities and your auto-scan at the worst possible time. blogger on the other hand was merrily saving the following post because it could tell that norton utilities was aligning against me.

i rented a huge 8 hp rototiller. i tilled the garden and turned up another large quantity of rocks, even another huge one. the tiller (aka: rock biter) was amazing it'd grab brick sized rocks and kick them out the back. oh the shaking of my body from that thing was immense. i feel like i have been whipped with cane poles. my hands hurt there are two blisters on in the center of each hand. i wore gloves but still got blisters. yes, i will be sore tomorrow. i have to get some stuff early in the morning to add to the garden then i'll till it again. it shouldn't be as difficult the second time since most of the rock should be gone.

it looks great--tabitha and i are excited. we were talking about all the great veggies we'll eat. i added a bag of leca to see how far it would spread--not very far. i guess every little bit helps. i am going to build some compost bins out of a few pallets and steel fence post. we'll have plenty of compost by next year.

tonight is movie night and the movie i rented was dirty and messed up our vcr heads. oh, the gnashing of teeth. the local rental place is too far to make another special trip for a head cleaner which isn't guaranteed to work. besides i'm tired, sore and need to rest. we had to switch to dvd and something we had. tristan capitulated for dora the explorer.

tomorrow will be another big day. another pass on the garden will take great effort. plus there is tons of stuff to complete around here. we need chicken containment from the garden before we put any precious seedlings, seeds or starts in the ground. i think that the fence we already have will be fine. a few fence posts here and there and we are in business. if the fence is not adequate there will be clipping of roughly eleven chicken wing feathers.


pablo said...

Lotsa stuff in this post. Let's see . . .

I use an iBook Mac now and would never go back to a Windows machine.

I've used such a tiller, but not to the extent you have. When I put a blade on the end of my weed trimmer, the shaking gave me temporary nerve damage in my fingers.

A lot of folks I know love Netflix. The movies come directly to you in the mail, saving you gas and time. I don't know if your once-a-week viewing would make the cost of the service pay for itself though. We don't use the service since a) we drive past our video store all the time, and b) we're afraid we would waste even more time watching movies if it was any easier to get them.

I suspect deer and raccoons are going to be more of a threat to your garden in the months to come than chickens. I'll be eager to hear about your solutions.

Danielle said...

We clipped our chickens flight feathers 2 years ago but they can still jump 3 feet so....this year, we are making a very, very light weight chicken tractor to pull around the yard and it has chicken wire on the top so they won't be getting out to root up any of my hard work. The ducks will just be free and possibly the turkeys...but the chickens will be in the tractor all summer.

karl said...

yeah, i come from the old school mac world. i know what i'm missing.

the tiller just about killed me.

we have blockbuster, mail-in service but when tristan is especially good he gets to choose and that usually can't happen a week in advance. but we do have movies ready for him too.

we'll have a dog by the time any deer threatens out garden bounty. there aren't any raccoons around here that i've seen or seen traces of.


our chickens are currently unable to cross the existing woven fencing. the chickens and any errant deer will have two fences to cross to get to the garden by that time too. the cow and dog will be on the inner fences adjacent to the garden. yes nimue was caught chasing a chicken the entire length of the pasture today. funny business around here.

pablo said...

Oh, c'mon! How can there not be raccoons around there? You're in Missouri for gosh sakes!

karl said...

last year we worked mikes garden and the largest threat was his chickens. his garden wasn't fenced so deer and raccoons could have gotten to it easily. nope, just the bounty destroying chickens and the infamous and illusive squash bugs.

karl said...


that garden is just a short walk from us.

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