Thursday, March 02, 2006

the neti pot

i don't normally shamelessly promote stuff but today was a windy day and i drove a skid steer and loaded leca which is really dusty. my sinuses were clogged with a fine clay dust. i should have worn a dust mask but alas it is too late for that.

a few years ago tabitha bought a neti pot and i though it was weird but agreed to use it none the less. it was pretty ok especially since nothing was wrong with my sinuses. weeks-months later i got a cold and clogged sinuses. i put it to the true test and it worked. later that day i needed to neti again and i mixed it wrong too salty and water was too cold. it burned my nose. much later, i reluctantly asked tabitha to make me a neti pot. she agreed and explained the critical measurements and tests to perform to assure a successful neti.

years later i can mix up a pot and use it easily. it still feels really disgusting while doing it. my only regret when i need one is 'why didn't i think of that sooner.' so what am i trying to say? these things are not for everyone but i can't recommend them any higher! if you do take my recommendation and get one, email tabitha and ask her the trick. it might take only one bad neti to turn you off forever.

these things require you to pour water in one nostril and out the other. it washes your sinuses. i have always had sinus issues and this little thing has been a God-send.

so today when i got home i just took a bath and washed my sinuses too. Squeaky clean.
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