Thursday, March 09, 2006

puppy pee

yes we have a new dog. his name is garlic. tristan named him a long time ago. we were going to get a great pyranees but decided on something more oriented toward companionship instead of independence. the significance of the great pyranees is they are white and fluffy--kinda like garlic. we visited a nice family that was prepared to give us one and hence the naming occurred and was set in stone--even though we changed breeds.

i guess we are going to have an indoor dog for bonding purposes hence the attempt at potty training. tabitha said that feebee has the most realistic advise regarding potty training--rent a steam cleaner.

i am off today--rained out. i plan to borrow bens truck and trailer and got get a bunch of rock for our impending summer project--a new chimney. i also have a lead on some free oak lumber from a lumber mill that is just down the road for the milking shed.

i got thwarted from getting the rocks, and wood. the rock is located near freshly graded clay and is saturated from the big rain last night. there is no way to get in there with the truck.

i moved the chicken house to its permanent location. i graded the area to "eyeball-level" and put down a layer of cedar shavings and then a layer of hay. i used the egyptian method of rollers, levers and brute force to move it into place. i then went down the hill and picked up a bunch of rock and put them around the edge to keep varmets from getting in. tabitha helped with the rollers and tristan helped get the rocks.


Danielle said...

Nice shot of the egg. Well, since you all are resolved to keep the pup indoors I do have a suggestion. When our puppy was very little, 8 weeks old. We put a tarp down under an area rug that we didn't care about. You can get one if you don't have one at the local walmart or whatever for like 30 bucks and they are usually 10'x8' or something to that effect. Anyway, we had that rug to be the area where we keep the pup when it was inside or not in it's crate. That way, when it peed it just soaked into the area rug and the tarp protected our carpet, because pet pee is not fun to live with in your carpet. You have a long couple months ahead of you to train this pup and I know those ladies have told Tabitha it is possible to train this pup by 3 months, but I doubt it. Great if it happens, but being realistic, I would prepare for a longer time frame. Get the tarp and area rug, your wife and you will be happier in the long run. Puppy pee, day after day, if it isn't caught won't be pretty.

pablo said...

Our Sheltie boy dog took a whole year to effectively learn house breaking (not burglary). Shelties are supposed to be smart too. (I think we just got an independent one.)

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