Thursday, March 23, 2006


we are in the grip of morning sickness around here. plus, i have a terrible muscle spasm in my back. i am sure it is related to the stress of wondering if tabitha has forced enough food and liquid down to keep us from the hospital today--everyday. morning sickness doesn't describe the affliction. i'd like to rename it--fu*%ed up vomiting all day and night early pregnancy. at least that is the version we have.

tabitha manages as much as she can--yesterday the house was cleaned. it really highlights the amount of work that has to get done around here just to keep a family afloat. having chosen the path-less-traveled means that we can't just go up to the junk-food store and buy the first thing that sounds good to eat. living here in missouri doesn't afford the healthy restaurant selection that helped get us through our last two pregnancies.

it is much more difficult this time...
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