Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hail ruins car

The hail has dimpled the car with hundreds of little dents. i entertained painting it white and decaling TITELIST across the hood, or maybe some other golf ball manufacturer could sponsor my "art-car" idea.

We should contact our insurance and see what the deal is--maybe they cover this kind of thing. It'd certainly total the car even though it runs perfect with low mileage.

We spent the day in Springfield yesterday. We had a great day visiting and Tristan played with his friends. When it came time to leave we had a bit of trouble. Tristan said "i don't like you because you are trying to take me away from my friends" then when i finally scooped him up his little buddies were yelling "we'll save you" and yanking on my sweater. Oh, the joys of being a kid. He promptly passed out in the car on the ride home.
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