Saturday, July 08, 2006

animal census at the omelay homestead

here is a list of animals at the omelay homestead:
nimue the milking cow jersey (nim-ou-way)
merlin the calf son of nimue
sylvia the cat black polydactyl rumored to be her own aunt (aka: the mole killer)
laying chickens "the girls" eight silverlaced wyandottes
rooster, enrique too young to do his job yet, mostly he is a scared silverlaced wyandotte
rooster, romeo enrique's cohort in fear he was the "free chicken" blue andalusian
guineas adam and eve they live the garden of eden
georgina (horhina) the tree frog also lives in garden of eden
broiler chickens we are down to ten they are all named "dinner" smacking of lips immediately follows after using their name.
we'd like to get a puppy but we had a bad experience and are still in recovery.
tag you are it... please census your animals and link to your blog or as a comment. i'd love to see what every one else has.


Danielle said...

"Professor Zipplefur" aka "the professor" or buddy, our tabby cat.

"Lou Blou" my tortiose shell cat (rest her soul, her name was russian for "love", Ya lou blou tibia)

"The girls" our 5 brown egg layers

"The female turkey" self explanatory

"The ducks" female peking and male indian runner

"The fish", we have a fish pond with one koi and about 10 feeder fish that are going on 3 years now and thriving and having babies and look like beautiful goldfish

"The bees" We have 3 hives

"Moya" our sweet standard poodle that found a new home last year (when we get our land we will have another dog but not until)

All names are in quotes and yes, we state the obvious! :o)

karl said...


thanks i was hoping you'd reply. i like your naming convention. i had friends years ago, while their kids were young, all animals were named by their spelling. the dog was D-O-G spelled out. when said really fast it sounded asian. dee-oh-gee. a built in educational tool for the kids.

Angie said...

I have no blog, but I will play along.

Hawk-our 15yo Appaloosa gelding who is really just an overgrown lawn mower but we love him anyway

Rudy-4yo lab-hound mix and defender of the barnyard

Winkin', Blinkin' & Nod- Our 3 crossbreed ducks

"The Roosters"- 3 Araucana, 1 Cherry Egger and 1 Buff Orpington

The Barn Hen - an Araucana who resists capture and lives in the horse stall or in the pasture. She lays daily in the hay manger.

The Ladies - a Barred Rock, a Cherry Egger and a Golden Laced Wyandotte that were terrorized by the roosters. They now reside in a deluxe enclosure and happily lay away.

The Chicks- 6 Black Australorps and 6 Light Brahmas who aren't so "chick-like" anymore but are the youngest on the place. They are our future laying flock.

Cats- Many, many of them. I will not bore you with all of the names. But sufice it to say we do not have a rodent problem.

We will most likely order another round of broilers later in the summer and may try a few turkeys next spring.

That is the long and varied list of our critters. :o)

uncle matt said...

The chickens names sound delicious!When are we renaming the cow?

toraji said...

I'm playing too!

pablo said...

No kept animals at Roundrock, though I'm sure they are there. At my suburban home they are thus:

Max - a Sheltie, though he does not know he is a dog.

Marvin, aka Kit - a cat. Nuff said.

Hugo - a cockatiel (he's the boy)

Pearl, aka Hugo's Girl - also a cockatiel (she's the girl)

Buddy2 - a canary (he replaced Buddy)

Jeff - a goldfish (who concidentally shares a name with my nephew)

We had some bats in the house last week, but they're gone.

Jeanne said...

We have one Saanen goat (7 m.), Ginger; one Toggenburg goat (5.5 m.), Clover; and two Nubian goats (2 m.), Tulip and Juniper. All girls... this coming spring we'll have baby goats and lots of milk, and then... cheese!

Sadie, the brown tabby cat, 1 yr., she's our outdoor critter gitter. Faves are moles and birds.

We want to get guinea hens. Do you have any opinions or comments about yours to offer? We have so many ticks and hear that guineas will eat them... True? Are they annoyingly noisy? Or do you enjoy the sounds they make?

Love your blog!


karl said...

thanks everyone,

angie it sounds like you have quite a fun menagerie. i especially like your barn hen.

toraji, i commented at your blog. which is(and has been for quite a while) listed on my frequented firefox pull down menu as "cool blog"

pablo, you did it again. you made me laugh, buddy2.

jeanne, i have lots of goat interest i'm glad to meet you. so far i love our guineas. they are bug eating machines. it is so cool to watch them systematically cover an area. they eat ants which impressed me. our tick problem in very reasonable--the ozarks are notorious for having horrible tick issues. i mostly attribute the tick population decrease to the chickens but i have high hopes for these guys especially when the fresh hatch of barely visible ticks occurs. guineas allegedly have incredible eyesight.

toraji said...

Thanks for the compliment! I love your blog and Tabitha's too. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Karl. I've never commented before but I read your blog and also Tabatha's xanga blog all the time. :)

Here's my list:

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