Saturday, July 08, 2006

animal census at the omelay homestead

here is a list of animals at the omelay homestead:
nimue the milking cow jersey (nim-ou-way)
merlin the calf son of nimue
sylvia the cat black polydactyl rumored to be her own aunt (aka: the mole killer)
laying chickens "the girls" eight silverlaced wyandottes
rooster, enrique too young to do his job yet, mostly he is a scared silverlaced wyandotte
rooster, romeo enrique's cohort in fear he was the "free chicken" blue andalusian
guineas adam and eve they live the garden of eden
georgina (horhina) the tree frog also lives in garden of eden
broiler chickens we are down to ten they are all named "dinner" smacking of lips immediately follows after using their name.
we'd like to get a puppy but we had a bad experience and are still in recovery.
tag you are it... please census your animals and link to your blog or as a comment. i'd love to see what every one else has.
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