Tuesday, July 04, 2006

photos july 1

we are trying something new on this two and a half rows of beets. we have buried the soaker hose and have planted on either side of the hose in the "wet zone." we'll see how this turns out. i imagine it must be easier against U.V. damage on the hose.

these are some of our larger tomato plants. we tried to show, given me standing next to them, how tall they are. during this photo taken a few days ago they were seven and a half feet tall. now they are over eight feet tall. who would have thought that eight foot stakes wouldn't be tall enough?

this panorama is taken while i was standing on top of the most north-easterly rock ring. the camera is over twelve feet in the air. if you look closely you can see tabitha standing next to one of the tomato plants on the right side of the shot. she is busy inspecting her garden--killing all errant interloping insects.
the lady bugs are sticking around. i was just there at the wrong time of day. they hide in the shade during triple digit temperatures.
the bush beans that we just planted are going crazy.
i'm off to kill some chickens. we had three casualties we must do them all in. happy fourth of july.
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