Tuesday, July 25, 2006

monkey boy

this is my monkey boy and "the reason that we moved here." i recall climbing so many trees as a boy and this is all i really ever wanted for my kids.

we took a stool sample to the large animal vet in ozark. nimue is fine. she just looks like a milking cow. compared to all of the the local beef cattle she seems skinny and unhealthy. she tested out perfect.

i have been working on a huge green house for a local guy. it had some storm damage and needed lots of help. we are installing a wood fired heater and an additional exhaust fan. the work i have done so far is. repair the main rear wall, re-install the main sliding door after fixing the slightly warped track, install new siding, cutting all the metal to the curve of the green house, pour a slab and piers for the 6,000 pound wood burning heater, i replaced the bent aluminum rafters and installed a structural beam above the proposed wood fired heater.

i have yet to install the heater on the slab and build the steel building around it. that will take a bit of effort since there are many facets like chimney, roof penetration and ventilation for the heating system.

on the home front i plant to install the new air-conditioner tomorrow. i have some more computer work to do for SLP. i need to bill them immediately.



pablo said...

Kids and trees go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Will you be available to build my house at Roundrock? All the beer you can drink!

karl said...


thanks, but from the best that i can gather RR is too far from where we are for anything but a special visit. commuting is not really in my stars.


vintagechica said...

Love the monkey boys photo! Sounds like things are really busy there. I hope you get some tree climbing in yourself! Continuing to enjoy your blog.

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