Monday, July 10, 2006

cucumber water

one of my favorite ways to have cucumbers is: on a hot day where iced tea just wouldn't do. you slice half a cucumber into a half gallon of iced water and that's all. drink the water and relish in the fresh glory of the best drink of water you have ever had.


the first time i had cucumber water was in calistoga during a full immersion mud bath. as i sat in the steambath after my mud bath and waiting for my massage there was a picture of water sitting on the tile. i was very thirsty. at this point i already had slices of cucumber over my eyes and thought that there was some kind of flavor leakage into my drink. then i realized what they had done. it was the most refreshing drink of water i had ever enjoyed to date.


i highly recommend a mud bath but better yet when you are really thirsty make a cucumber water you'll be surprised.
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