Thursday, July 06, 2006

farmstead photos too

these are our guineas. adam and eve because they live in the garden of eden

closer tristan, closer.


enrique and romeo--the coalition of the scared.

the great mole hunter. she was discovered with a decapitate mole and we praised her greatly.

isn't this hat the cutest thing ever?

or maybe from this angle?


Abigail said...

Oh my, it looks like Tristan, like Niels, has a sudden attack of the "big boys." He looks so grown up! Maybe it's the hair. :)

And yes, that hat is the cutest thing ever on Kassi.

Danielle said...

Do you find that the chickens roaming in your garden means they taste some of the fruit? Last year when we had our turkeys and chickens roaming around, they pecked our tomatoes and ate our grapes.

karl said...

we are hoping that romeo & enrique are too large to fit in the holes of the fence to fit into the garden very soon. for now they are just able to fit through the holes. besides they are still a bit young to be able to seriously peck our fruit. they mostly eat the tobacco horn worms, cucumber beetles and squash bugs. tabitha has been feeding them this diet since before they had access to the garden. although we will be much more protective once we have ripe tomatoes. which should be any day now (fingers crossed).

Phoebe Gleeson said...

Coalition of the scared made me snort.


uncle matt said...

That boy looks frightening like his father! And Kassi, as usual, is more beautiful than ever!
BTW, was that really a CAT in your yard?

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