Sunday, July 16, 2006

in the hay

i spent the day in the hay. i have been working to get some bales of alfalfa for nimue. she likes it when she is being milked. we also give merlin a flake when we put him up from his mother for the afternoon and evening.

i was driving the tractor pulling a conditioner. mike was cutting conditioning and furrowing the hay and i'd follow with a second conditioner. this device further crimps the stalks and helps the hay dry more evenly. alfalfa is tricky to get put up in perfect condition. doing this second conditioning helps the process.

while i was working on the root cellar tabitha and the kids went to springfield. i pushed kassi on tristan's swing for a while before they left.

kassi is such a happy girl.

tristan loved dressing up in the kimono and pretending to make sushi for his friends. he loves sushi like his dad.
our bean arch also fell-in in a few places. i went down to the creek and cut some more local bamboo cane. the cow loved eating the stripped leaves. allegedly cane makes great forage for cattle it just grow slower than other grasses. the arch took both tabitha and i to bend, hold, tie and repair. it looks a little different but still very cool.


squire said...

I have been to you "cob" site. Are you planning a cob home?

karl said...

when we first visited here we assessed this house and decided that it wasn't salvageable. in every-one's opinion it just needed to be bulldozed over. so during the next year before we moved here i drew up plans to build a cob cottage. we had every intention of buying a trailer to live-in for the short term. then when it came time to move here we decided that this house had a good roof and was generally kinda cute. so we spent the next few months fixing this place to the point it was barely livable and moved in. we have grown to love this place and would never commit it to a dozer. now we are developing other plans for an addition.

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