Wednesday, November 22, 2006

another cross beam

i fell the perfect tree for the next cross beam for the barn--see previous post for photos. our new friends got to see it fall--from a distance. the kids immediately ran to the tree and started climbing it. an instant monkey bar set. bouncy climbie and generally lots of fun. after i let them have some fun i shooed them away and cut it into pieces. most of the tree is firewood but two sections will be beams. the bottom thirteen feet i am cutting in half lengthwise and the top seventeen feet will be the center lower beam that supports the hay loft.

when tristan came back to see his new monkey bar set he was very dismayed that the tree was totally gone. i decided to light a bond-fire to get rid of the branches and it is endless entertainment. tristan has developed this game where he pokes a leaf from the surrounding area and roasts it like a marsh-mellow. i figure constructive monitored fire investigation is better than making it taboo and nurturing a hidden craving to play with it.

i plan to raise the center beam into place next. i need to devise a plan since the beam is very heavy, two hundred plus pounds, and i have to do it by my self. i have a plan but need to attach a rope and pulley to the top of the center upright.
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