Monday, November 27, 2006


our next door neighbor, tom has been wonderful to our family. yesterday was a perfect example. he works construction and i have worked with him on occasion. he regularly happens across extra construction materials. tom was responsible for over half of our paint for the exterior of our house. he continually offers me some of his treasures. he supplied us with the steel for our barn. he helped dig the root cellar with his back-hoe. he helped get a huge load of creek gravel for the drainage fill around the root cellar. yesterday he gave us a bunch of wood. it would have cost me hundreds of dollars to buy. to top yesterday off he stayed and helped me set the three top beams that he just gave me.

i am sore today. i pounded so many nails that my fore-arm was cramping up last night. i'll be stiff today. luckily i'm just doing some electrical work for bob and a little consulting for larry today and tomorrow.

tom doesn't use a computer and will never see this but since this is my journal i want to additionally pay thanks in this documented way.

thank you tom, i really appreciate you.
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