Thursday, November 23, 2006

leverage engine

no it's not a marketing/sales seminar title. it is a simple block-and-tackle. the beam weighs in excess of two hundred and fifty pounds. and i need it UP. here is my answer. i stabilized the center upright and attached my pulleys. i then lifted the light side up to a cross beam set as high as i could lift. i then pulled it up. it took most of my weight pulling on the rope to get it to lift. ideally there would be a three to one ratio using this particular block-and-tackle but i was also working against friction in the entire machine. my ropes rubbed at times and i generally used a large amount of brute force. i'm tired, i'll drill and finish setting the beam tomorrow.

my plan is to build the loft and use it as a platform to set the rafters. things must work a little differently when it's just me and raw materials must be extracted from the forest. i'm enjoying the challenge. anyone can build with lumber-yard materials and money to throw at cranes and scaffolds. this milking shed will be very cool when finished. the upper loft will house hay and kids at play. nimue will have shelter and my wife will have a pleasant place to milk.

happy thanksgiving

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