Wednesday, November 22, 2006


i finally made the frame for the house numbers. the table saw was instrumental in this activity. i brought home a couple scrap pieces of cedar and barely had enough to do the job. we received the house numbers from mike and nancy over a year ago. they brought them back from mexico. we have had them for so long that i'm surprised that we didn't accidentally break them.

here is my make-shift hoop-house. it is covering our swiss chard. i hope to keep it going most of the winter--fingers crossed. it is basically just a bit of plastic, some buckets filled with water(weights) and an old awning taken apart and put back together to make a couple of tent shapes. i crawled in there the other day and it was much warmer. if this works out i plan to build a boxed in bed specifically for next winter and construct a real mini hoop-house.

i'm grounded from doing much while i watch toly. i had hoped to work on the barn some more today. there is so much pressure to get the barn done but i am never really afforded any time to work on it. maybe i should let it slip to the back burner?
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