Sunday, November 19, 2006

illness waining

last weekend was a total bust and this weekend is shaping up similarly. yesterday we spent the day shopping--groceries and feed store in ozark. the distance to ozark means that it takes the better part of the day to go there and back. the only real thing i did yesterday besides normal chores was finally cover the swiss chard with a plastic tent. it froze last night pretty hard i'm sure it would have done it in.

today i am helping mike move some of his cows around. merlin will be part of the moving process. he is going to live up at mikes until slaughter* time. i was hoping to get a bunch done around here today. what was it doris day sang? que sera sera? i'll be happy to ditch the daily chore of feeding and watering merlin. he'll be happier up at mikes once he gets over missing his mom. there are other juvenile cows there for him to play with. he'll be smaller but he'll be the only one with horns so maybe he'll hold his own.

my immediate looming list of things to do is: build the milking barn and fence in the paddock to the ravine. the root cellar has taken a back seat to these tasks. thursday is a day that i'll try to get some of these things done. bob has graciously offered to bring over his tractor with brush-hog and post-hole-auger. the brush-hog and post-hole-auger will be instrumental in the fence building process. maybe i'll be ready to do that stuff in a week or so. i have to cut down all the perimeter trees so we can have access.
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