Wednesday, November 08, 2006

tabitha is milking again

until we make a decision or one is made for us, tabitha is milking again. the calf merlin, is being weaned which is nosily troublesome. the unexpected result is nimues milk is extra creamy. notice the thick layer of cream on the far right jar. it is over half cream the strata is visible just below the sharpie marked "s". anyway, i watch the baby while tabitha readies herself and milks twice per day. it usually works out fine i try to get her to tank him up with breast milk just before and i get to try to get all the burps out. mostly he likes to hop in the pocket sling and survey his vast holdings. after we achieve some undetermined level of redundancy he usually passes out.

today was an exception, he immediately needed to be changed twice in a row. then a few minutes later he had an explosive poo. the kind that human technological achievements have yet to be able to contain. i pulled him out of the sling which was the last defence that held. i cleaned him up and he felt the urge to mark some of his vast holdings which he surveyed moments before. somehow i got in between him and his target. he left me looking like i had wet myself. i changed myself and then redressed toly in clean clothes. my ability to keep him from screaming his sweet little head off hinges on him being able to ride in the pocket sling. when i went to access the damage i noticed that he was trying to send me a message or learn something about me from the Rorschach test left in the sling. i think it looks like wood moth. what do you think?
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