Sunday, November 12, 2006

sickly weekend

i have been sick all weekend--some nasty cold/flu. i was so sick that i couldn't go out and cover the swiss chard before the 26 degree freeze last night. luckily it seems fine today. i heavily mulched around it a week or so ago. this morning, i was lamenting allegedly loosing the chard so much that i'll never let that happen again. tonight it is predicted to only get to 36 degrees--no need to bother. the illness has afforded me a little warcraft computer game (of which is the only game that i have played in many years).
isn't the light on tabitha lovely?

we have taken a few photos while lying around. toly is really putting on the weight. we spent quite a while cooing at each other today. he is so alert and interested. he especially perks up when either of the kids are around. i don't thing he can wait to get into the fray.
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