Wednesday, March 07, 2007

boring posts sans photos for a while

tristan managed to get his little fingers on the camera and broke it. it is in route to cannon to meet an unknown fate. of course we'll get it fixed but affording it is another matter. tabitha wants to cancel her dentist appointment--bad idea. i plan to work extra at bobs this week. plus i need to purchase supplies for my next phase of the root cellar. cement, masonry sand, expanded metal lath, re-bar, six by six welded wire and fiber reinforcing additive. plus i need a few odd electrical items to get power to the root cellar. i want a three-way switch to turn power on and off at an entry light over the door--one inside the house and one in the root cellar. i need a light and outlet in the cellar and i'd like to continue power through the root cellar to the barn. i also want D.C. wiring from battery backup to 12volt emergency lights.
AC conduit
-barn power (10/3)
-rootcellar power (12/2)
-3-way switch (14/3)
DC conduit
-emergency power (10/2)
for now i just need to have the conduit penetrating the cellar ready. i am so excited to have all of the earth bags finished. that part was very labor intensive. the ferro-crete part will be easy in comparison.

tabitha and i finished planting the onions. tomato seeds are started. i need to till more of the garden this evening so we can plant beets before it rains on friday. i hope to have a beet juice extravaganza this early summer. have i mentioned that i love beets?

the strawberry raised bed is built and ready for more dirt. i used rough cedar logs. i made it log cabin fashion. sorry photos:(

i need to order another dump-truck of crushed lime stone base (chat). the floor of the root cellar, barn and foundation for the barn will use the better part of another dump-truck load.

my next structure to build after the barn will be a new chicken coop. the old one was built in a day and won't hold the number of chickens that we finally want. plus it is a bit too rustic--rust being the real point. i have many improvements that i'd like to make.
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