Sunday, March 04, 2007


spring has sprung? not really... but here are the crocus. i guess we always get a snow storm in march. we just missed the last system that clobbered sugarcreek and gracious acres, two of my favorite blogs.
tabitha planted the rest of the row of onions that i started. we got our onion plants order delivery. the little plants were beautiful. so meaty that i wanted to eat them right there on the spot. it was too wet to till the garden today to finish out the onion planting.
tristan has been really sick. high fever culminating in delirium. he is terrified to go back to sleep because the nightmares are too much. when he is sick his battle with his subconscious is much more difficult. i sympathise with him so much that i'd gladly accept any fate to alleviate his suffering.

i turned the compost. it looks like i'll have about three yards of finished black gold once this huge pile is finished.

i cut wood in the ravine today. i have about two hours of splitting to do in the morning. i like getting a workout while it is still crisp out.
the root cellar is coming along nicely. nine more bags to fill and stack then i start my fero-crete arch roof. i need some re-bar to set the beam-block. i still haven't priced expanded metal lath. maybe next weekend i'll be mixing my cement for the roof?


vintagechica said...

I cant wait to dig into our compost...unfortunately, it is still freezing here in WI. Loved your crocus. Thanks for sharing that today, I needed a reminder that Spring is in fact on its way.

Gracious Acres said...

Yellow is the color of hope and your crocus sure makes me hopeful of spring. Your efforts at composting appear to be successful - congrats! Creating compost seems beyond my abilities, as I can't seem to keep the critters (chickens & rabbits) out of it. Your farmstead has all the signs of success!

karl said...

vintagechica, yes we are planting more onions today. spring is almost here.
gracious acres, our garden is fenced from critters. i compost on the edge in the garden. the chickens still get in there sometimes but i get right after them when i'm home. we haven't had any issue with rabbits.

Danielle said...

are the chickens laying better lately since it is lighter out? Well, we went to the 20 acres and really liked it. We are writing an offer on it today but someone else has beat us to the punch. Maybe their offer will fall through. Ugh.

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