Monday, March 26, 2007

kassi in the sky with diamonds

it is so nice that spring is here. the kids adore the out of doors. gardening and yard work has started in earnest. our neighbors gave us a new tractor/mower--it was their old one. i mowed the yard in record time. usually i stretch it out over two days but it was just a morning tractor ride.
our winter wheat is up in all its glory. the best part is there are tons of lady bugs hiding in it and waiting to pounce on any errant aphids that happen to find their way into our garden.

romeo and enrique seem to have survived. both of them are impaired from the battle. enrique still chases romeo sometimes but he flees for his life and manages to stay clear of him the rest of the time. i'm glad that things seem to have worked out without any casualties.


Danielle said...

Nice! getting the tractor mower! Are you going to till the winter wheat into the ground or do you harvest it for the cow or yourselves?

karl said...

we'll leave the wheat in until it is time to plant each respective area. if it is too tall we'll mow it first but still till it in. the nutrients can get right back into the soil that the wheat used to grow.

Lilli & Nevada said...

What cute kids you have

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