Thursday, March 29, 2007

photos galore

tomatoes are really coming to the front. we worry that they might grow too much in these little pots before it is time to plant in the earth

kassi loves pink. this is her favorite for today.

this is the view of across the street into mikes forest. tabitha and the kids went for an adventure into the springy wood. the *redbuds* are aflame across all of these ozarks.

tristans forest harvest. "curlydog" as he like to call it.

you can almost see into kassi's future in this photo. a girl or a woman?

TOLY, if i have told you once i have told you a thousand times--"five month old babys dont crawl"

tristan is teaching himself to write. he has managed to learn how to sound things out.

yummy dogwoods, they look like popcorn floating in the back yard flowing to the ravine

one of my little piles of wood in the shady pasture.

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