Monday, March 19, 2007

goodbye romeo

our roosters had a fight to the death the other day. we tried to break it up but testosterone levels were too high. the fight would have rivaled any that frequent back alleys and warehouses in east L.A. the result is romeo hasn't left the upper coop for three days and enrique is blinded in one eye. stupid chickens. it's like they were harboring a hateful grudge their whole lives and finally exploded into the day long battle that ended in the ravine. both roosters were so exhausted that i had to find them far down the ravine and physically carry them to the coop that night.

romeo is not dead yet but i don't think it will be long. the only thing that keeps me from putting him down is, every few hours he crows out like a perfectly healthy chicken. as tabitha said "nature must take its course"

memorial service is tentatively scheduled for next weekend. arrive early parking might be a problem. camping is available for distant travelers.
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