Thursday, March 01, 2007

stormy night

i woke at five am to the sound of heavy rain. i mustered my courage to brave the morning. kassi and tristan had some how turned 90 degrees in bed and formed a mini bulldozer with their feet. perched on the precipice, exiting bed was easier than usual. the fire was out but the house wasn't cold. my wood calculations will need adjusting. we are using way less than my pessimistic projection suggested. tabitha optimistically thinks that the three quarters of a load left (loaded feb 17th) on the porch will be our last one. sorry to bore you with silly wood stuff but i'm trying to document wood usage for next years planning.

mike, tabitha's father, had his 220 to 250 pound hogs killed by a pack of dogs. it was gruesome sight and deeply disturbing. he bought ammo for his gun and plans to kill any dog on his property. he loaded his truck with the three pigs and drove it around to show all the neighbors. he informed everyone of his intentions and if they cared about their dogs they'd keep them contained. i think, if he manages to kill any, he will be doing the neighborhood a service. after seeing the killing-for-sport slaughter of his pigs i fear for my children. i am sure that rosie would alert us (like she always does) and protect the kids but it is still scary. any troupe of dogs that can kill hogs of that size could easily kill small children. we live in a drop-zone for abandoning dogs and have several unsavory pit-bull-ranchers within two miles. tabitha and i have been considering purchasing a gun. i was reluctant, although i am proficient with a gun, i just don't really like the idea of having something so dangerous in the house. we took photos for mike and nancy of the pigs, i'll spare you the horror.
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