Saturday, June 21, 2008

baby makes pasta

he likes to crank it really fast.

this is our pasta machine. we use it heavily. these are egg noodles. we like to use our eggs.

tabitha is putting extra noodles in the freezer for after rome is born.

this is our zero mile local meal.

the carrot raised bed was a huge success. the carrots turned out fabulously.

locally produced pasta. imported flour (in bulk--lower carbon footprint)

the kids are always drawing pictures of our family.

see the baby in tabitha's belly? see all the smiles? happy family..

this is kassi's version.

they decide their own themes.

kassi got new hair clips.

she squealed the dolphin squeal when she first saw them. dogs are still howling in the distance.

she had to wear them all at once.

toothy boy

boca enjoying her new pen.
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