Tuesday, June 17, 2008

canner test

tabitha canned three full canner loads of chickpeas--54 pints. we buy them in bulk dried. she soaks them over night and pressure cans them the following day--today. they are so yummy. we usually eat them straight from the jar for a week or so--that is several jars. i love to take a jar for lunch--and thats all.

this is a great way to test the proper workings of our pressure canners. they have a serious term of duty ahead and we need them in tip top shape. for those of you who are scared of your pressure canners this is a great way to get over it. the recipe is at the garlic pimpernel

today i built most of a shelter for tabitha to milk under for the coming months. i still need the ridge cap and to set it on posts. the truss structure is self contained so i'll be able to use it as-is for something else once the milk-barn is done. it might keep our wood pile dry this winter or shelter some hogs who knows. the idea is to make it useful for anything that might present it's self. i'll take photos tomorrow.

we ate a wonderful meal from the garden. a vegetable medley if you will. the freshly canned chick peas were the main course--a big hit. beets, carrots, onions, garlic, broccoli and zucchini stir fried with minimum of spices. what a rich wonderful flavor. the season of eating mostly form the garden is at hand--my favorite time of year.
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