Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the jury is still out

only three chickens died total. our prompt measures worked on the still living ones. we separated the new pullets from the broilers and have tried to integrate them into the hens. they still try to get back in with their respective broilers. chickens are such creatures of habit. it'll take a few more days of catching them in the evening and putting them in the laying coop.

the garden is another matter. onions are in need of harvesting and storing (dehydrating, freezing and canning) no long term storage onions can be attempted. the tomatoes are not completely ruined. over the next month they will suffer having so many open sores. they will likely succumb to aphids and early blight.

we will do what we can do. at least we'll be able to eat some fresh tomatoes. we probably won't can too many though. last year tabitha put up over 500 pounds of tomatoes and we ran out over a month ago. we'll likely never reach that mark--which we were well on our way towards.

pumpkins and squash also got hit pretty badly. they might not make either. it might be a blessing since tabitha will have just had the baby and won't feel the pressure to can a huge bounty.

with food prices the way they are i'm not sure what the future holds for the unprepared. we'll just do the best we can.

thanks to you all, my blog friends. it seems the collective prayer has helped--at least with my state of mind.
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