Thursday, June 12, 2008

dead battery

i saw so many wonderful possible photos this evening. alas the camera battery was dead. the elephant garlic is blooming magically. i have never seen it bloom before. it might be one of my favorite flowers. romneya being my most favorite though. i'd like to try to grow it here someday.

new puppy photos are a must. yes we got new dogs. two great pyranees puppies. Luna and Henry are the latest additions to the pile. their parents are huge easily 120 lbs and skinny. these puppies should grow to great dane size--especially the boy.

they will be livestock and family guardian dogs. the guy said be careful on letting them bond too much with the kids. you'll never be able to get after them again. i said "we don't get after our kids" thinking of spankings which are prevalent in these parts. he said "no, not that. you won't be able to raise your voice to them." hummm, not really a bad thing i guess. i thought to myself.

i hope they get that protective of tabitha too. she would feel much better around here while i'm at work. not that i'm gone very much but i do leave for eight hours at a time two days a week.

photos coming..


Alecto said...

I was given a five year old Great Pyrenees when I was 17 and had been hurt very, very badly. This dog bonded with me intantly, slept in my bed with me, followed me from room to room and kept me safe for two years (at which point I lost her to heartworm but that's another story). My point being, of all the breeds I've grown up with (many, Mom was a breeder) this one was by far the most gentle, protective, hard working and loyal.

hillbilly2be said...
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uncle matt said...

Great Caesar's ghost!Great Pyranees? Protection will not be a problem at the Pile! You think the kids eat a lot? Just wait!
Glad to hear you're getting dogs at the farm again. You may have to build a kitten tractor now.

Pynki said...

Drive by commenting.

I remember when Tabitha had the run in with the creepy guy with the milk. We have a dog that's 1/2 rottweiler 1/2 newfoundland, and I feel MUCH better with him around when the hubster is off at work or away on business. He's 120lbs and looks like a smaller mastiff.

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