Thursday, June 26, 2008

data collection on bees

warning boring post ahead

tabitha's hive (double swarm)
mostly friendly
2 full hive bodies (they'll likely make it through winter)
empty super (foundationless)
perfect brood comb (brood surrounded by honey)

swarm hive (single swarm)
very passive
two full hive bodies except two frames of top body
(they'll also likely make it through winter)
needs super (another hive body)
doing surprisingly well since they don't seem as active.

drone hive
passive (much more passive then last visit)
two full hive bodies and
one and an half frames full in super
building comb from bottom
foundation wrinkling causing them trouble
(note to self, never use foundation again)
lots of bees not so many drones
obviously has queen now
they got a late start it took their queen a while to get going

karl's hive (or africanized bees)--just kidding;)
very active almost aggressive
2 full hive bodies
one super full of honey
second super 2 frames full from foundationless frames
beautiful natural comb built from wedge attached to frame

i didn't really "dig in" to the hives. it was just a look see to see if everyone has room for honey. we need one hive body for a super for the (single swarm hive) i pulled some frames to see how they are doing. showed tabitha beautiful natural comb. it really is amazing.
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