Thursday, June 26, 2008

data collection on bees

warning boring post ahead

tabitha's hive (double swarm)
mostly friendly
2 full hive bodies (they'll likely make it through winter)
empty super (foundationless)
perfect brood comb (brood surrounded by honey)

swarm hive (single swarm)
very passive
two full hive bodies except two frames of top body
(they'll also likely make it through winter)
needs super (another hive body)
doing surprisingly well since they don't seem as active.

drone hive
passive (much more passive then last visit)
two full hive bodies and
one and an half frames full in super
building comb from bottom
foundation wrinkling causing them trouble
(note to self, never use foundation again)
lots of bees not so many drones
obviously has queen now
they got a late start it took their queen a while to get going

karl's hive (or africanized bees)--just kidding;)
very active almost aggressive
2 full hive bodies
one super full of honey
second super 2 frames full from foundationless frames
beautiful natural comb built from wedge attached to frame

i didn't really "dig in" to the hives. it was just a look see to see if everyone has room for honey. we need one hive body for a super for the (single swarm hive) i pulled some frames to see how they are doing. showed tabitha beautiful natural comb. it really is amazing.


hillbilly2be said...
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Madeline said...

ooo, I hope they aren't truly Africanized. Did you know that they will follow you, if they feel threatened for up to a quarter mile or more, en masse, and if you go in to the water, they will be waiting for you when you come up for air?! Horrifying, isn't it? All because some bee keeper in Brazil in the 50's let some African queens escape. I'm a little bee obsessed at the moment and love that you posted about your bees.

Danielle said...


Anonymous said...

would love to see photos of the things you describe. Are the Africanized bees dangerous? Will they affect the others?

Sasha said...

I'm with Ron. I love to read about the bees.

jayedee said...

keep those bee posts coming! i love reading about your girls!

Polar Bear and The Dodger said...

thanks for your comment, karl. I was so sorry to hear about your garden damage- though it sounds like it wasn't a total loss. that garden is so important and necessary for you guys (spiritually and practically)! have a great week- molly

Sam said...

When do y'all usually harvest your honey? Here in south Texas we do ours in August

karl said...

ron, thanks. my wife understands my nerdyness.

madeline, i was just joking about the africanized bees.

danielle, yeah!!!

anon, photos to come, next visit.

sasha & jayedee, thanks, this blog being my only documentation, i'll post my data and findings here.

molly, thanks it is pretty tragic here. there is a silver lining somewhere.

sam, not sure when we'll harvest probably end of august.

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