Sunday, July 06, 2008

plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches

our little garden is suffering. the tomato black leaf spot is rampant. the hail really did a number. it opened a zillion little sores on our plants and they are succumbing to diseases that they normally out race until the fall.

i have ordered serenade per danielle's suggestion--i'll try anything. i researched the active ingredient Bacillus subtilis.
the story behind it's discovery is quite interesting--albeit involving nazi's eating poo. this row faired the best and hopefully with the help of serenade will flourish.

we harvested the onions. tabitha says that some of them might keep for a little while.

any onions that are questionable will be dehydrated. i plan to build a solar dehydrator. i might get to start working on that today.

we drove to arkansas and bought two and an half bushel of peaches. they have seconds for half price. we'll make peach preserves from them.

we have our work cut out for us. i finished the second (portable chicken coop(PCC))

--tabitha hates the term chicken tractor. the original one is so inferior that i was compelled to get this one ready immediately.

see the cow-stomp bent pipe? bad cow. these twelve boys are queued for butcher tomorrow.

here is the new gate that i built last week for boca.

here it the feeder that i also slapped together.

it is covered from the weather and holds about 2/3 of a bale of hay. now if could just keep the hens from laying in there. once she is gone i'll just keep a cozy nest there and check it daily too.

we butchered four chickens last weekend. they were kinda small but we needed to knock a chunk out of the huge task ahead.

the kids are ready to eat them right now.

the puppies are doing really well. the kids love them. they are amazingly behaved and easily trained. they bark at us after dark when we go down to the pasture.

rocky soil?

kassi teaching henry to be patriotic.

luna, cute as a polar bear cub.

extended breast feeding runs rampant here.

ending on an up note our pole bean arches are glorious this year.


uncle matt said...

More poo? Sorry about the tomatos and onions. The peaches looks do the chickens! The young-uns, as usual, look happy and healthy, as well as the puppies and kittens. But, you spelled breast wrong. Hooray for the annual bean arch!

Madeline said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sugarcreekfarm said...

Mmm, peaches!! What kind of puppies are they?

(Sorry, that's my deleted comment up there!)

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

I just love your bean arches. Would you be able to guide me with which direction to set mine up next year? My bean wall is a bust! pure mess. Do you have yours facing any particular direction like one open end east and the other west or do you go south north? Just filtering my mistakes this year for a better set up in the next.
Great hay feeder and gate. And the peaches... I dream of peach and blueberry cobbler.

Gina said...

Great photos!! The arches are beautiful. Peaches are a lot of work to process, but worth it.

Sorry about the losses.

Ed Abbey said...

Did you also blow up your tv and throw away your papers? Love that song. It also has one of my favorite lines as far as lyrics go when John Prine sang, "For I knew that topless lady had something up her sleeve."

I think I'll pull up my mp3 version of that album right now and listen to it all day at work.

Hope your tomatoes pull through. Ours just started to bloom this weekend. What a year for gardens...

Rurality said...

Puppies? How did I miss that you had puppies?! And such cite ones, too. :)

karl said...

matt, yes poo

kelli, great pyrenees.

danielle, the arch faces south for even sunlight. just a cattle panel tied at the bottom with bailer wire at four feet apart. three foot+ steel stakes drove straight into the ground at all corners then wired to hold the panel into an arch.

gina, thanks

ed abbey, isn't john prine great? imo his best song.

rurality, yes, we think they are cute too. amazing dogs so far, exceed all our expectations.

Ron said...

I'm hoping your tomatoes make it... I just noticed tonight that mine have a few yellow leaves with big watery spots. Hmmm. Hope they outrun the blights. :)

Those peaches look great. There are some orchards near here that were hit by last year's late frost... hope we can get some fresh ones from them soon.

Yeah, your pole bean arches sure are glorious!


Rurality said...

Ugh, obviously you figured out that I meant to type "cute". :)

You are making me want a puppy!

Woody said...

When I was living in Nashville during the mid 80's I was at a bonfire party where John Prine was picking and singing with a bunch of folks. I had no idea at the time who he was but remember thinking he picked well but couldn't sing to save his life...

Funny how attitudes change with age.

dana said...

i was going to ask about the arches as well. they are DIVINE! you have inspired me for next year.

the puppies are adorable as well.

i hope your tomatoes pull through. i hate the feeling of losing something you have worked so hard for. you invest so much time and energy into a garden and in one fell swoop things aren't the same. we had a hail storm too and i feared the worst, but things are actually doing quite well. i'm guessing ours wasn't as bad as yours was though.

good luck! and enjoy those peaches and chickens :)

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