Wednesday, July 30, 2008

i am the pater familias

things have been overwhelming to say the least. luckily i'll have three weeks off from work.

i took the kids to the creek today--not that i had the energy. tabitha needed a break "can i hold the baby?" is spoken by kassi about a thousand times per day. the kids love the creek toly was ready to go home when it was time. he said home, home, home over and over the entire drive home. i imagine he was hoping that rome wouldn't be there when we arrived. toly has kissed rome's little hand and will surely love him. these are tough times for the next little while.

last night after rome was born, kassi sang an ode to him. it was magical i wish i would have recorded it. she sand his name over and over while interjecting little baby activities and how much we love him. on the way home from the creek kassi said "i miss rome." she turly dotes on him and begs to do anything for him.

thanks everyone for your well wishes we feel incredibly blessed.

romneya martin grey o'melay
re-weighed using accurate scale and duplicate methodologies
seven pounds eleven ounces

he is happy healthy and on the boob all the time. several pees (big ones) and a huge poo. for you parents out there know these are all good things.

toly is not taking things very well yet. neither kassi or tristan are even slightly threatened like toly is. he loves his daddy and i am taking up the slack since mommy cannot give him the attention that he is demanding right now. i love it this has happened with all the kids and always strengthens my bond with each child respectively. too bad rome will miss that. i'll have to make up for it in other ways.

i'll link to tabitha's birth story from here since she doesn't blog anymore but will likely write a birth story sometime soon. the kids deserve it and will be able to see what we were like when they were being born.
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