Thursday, July 24, 2008

why is it?

why is it every time that i truly enjoy something it either gets discontinued, disappears like it never existed or jumps the shark? i guess all good things must come to an end. when we lived next to a trader joes they'd start stocking some really cool stuff and we'd get addicted. then it would happen. they'd promptly discontinue it. we took to buying the stuff we like in mass quantities. now we buy almost everything in bulk.

but i digress..

the blogoshpere is a lessor place this evening and i'm sad about it.

enough said.

back to our regularly scheduled program.

tristan and i prepared onions for the dehydrator.

notice the fan blowing the onions sulfuric gas away?

kassi, toly and tabitha

yes toly is wearing one of kassi's dresses.

what do you expect his dad wears a kilt.

this is tabitha's latest creation. 'The Summer Dress"

kassi's private journal.

no peeking...


nt moore said...

Nice technique with the onion fan. I'd never considered such a novelty. Where'd you get your kilt?

gaile said...

yeah, it made me sad to read that blog's end as well, as I'd read a lot and was quite guilty of not commenting. But now i will commente here, and say how much i love reading about your farm and your darling family. Thank you for everything you share with us!

uncle matt said...

For the rest of us...which blog jumped ship? Cool summer haircut on Tristan! Kassi looks very pretty in her new dress (is she in a "blue" phase now?), and Toly...well, I've seen you in a kilt, so nothing surprises me anymore.
Tell me, did you cry when you were cutting onions?

pablo said...

Yep, Ron will be missed. He could really give an account of his days.

In the meantime, your little darlings are growing up so fast!

R. Sherman said...

Beautiful family.


Kathie said...

What a treasure you have in that beautiful family!

Patt M said...


I'll comment so you don't fold up your blog tent and fade into the night! His blog will be missed.

I appreciate the glimpses into your family's life.

You've inspired me to dry some onions for winter.

mamabug said...

Karl, I thought you might enjoy this link to a blog on the Obama website. The author, Judith "Jude" Jones is very introspective and a very good read. Since you blog so much, it seemed like something you'd immediately get.

Jude Jones blog

hope that's ok.

Ron said...

Your sadness made me sad. :)

I sure do love seeing you and the kiddos doing things together. That's how it is over here, too. Who cares what the mainstream thinks? (well, except for now and then )

The dried onions sound great, we'll have to try that sometime.


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