Monday, July 07, 2008

eight down fourty seven to go

we just butchered eight chickens--screaming kids the whole way. tristan complained, toly cried and kassi was surprisingly calm and content. tristan and kassi helped catch chickens. they asked a million questions regarding body parts and uses. what was edible? what we saved for the dogs? mostly, why did we do every little thing. my usual strategy is to overwhelm their question with long and detailed information until their eyes glaze over. somehow kassi is immune and stays alert and queued for the next why.

we killed eight in about two and a half hours. that works out to roughly twenty minutes a bird. not bad for a couple of amateur homesteaders. we wanted to kill twelve but heat, biting insects and crazy kids shortened our time available. through the years i have been entertaining the idea of a whizbang chicken plucker. i just can't imagine that it saves so much time as to justify $250. that is the minimum possible amount the thing could cost even with my resourcefulness on collecting necessary stuff for little or no money.

has anyone seen one of these tub style pluckers work? i need an unbiased opinion.

tabitha is going to process some of the peaches today. i'll hopefully get to work on the solar dehydrator.
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