Wednesday, July 23, 2008

a little break

tabitha needs a break from the kids by the time i get home from work.

the kids love going to the creek. i piled rocks on either side of the water slide to divert extra water so i could go down it too. the creek is cool and refreshing. it zaps energy from the kids by just maintaining body temperature in the water.

we go to a place called Hulls Ford. it crosses swan creek at a slab crossing then promptly turns into a gravel road. we only spend around an hour there because that is enough. tabitha got a nap along with toly. i got cooled off and the kids had a blast. there are closer and better swimming holes to our house but they are all inaccessible because roads leading to them are under water.

we usually run into some other kids and play a bit but mostly hang together. tristan was jumping off a little rock into the water over at the deeper end. he usually gulps a bit of water but never panics. kassi panics when she gets her face splashed. she'll get over that.

rome is still mommy. i think he wants to wait until tristans birthday so he can ruin his birthday for the next ten or so years. it'll be his first act of aggression.
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