Tuesday, July 29, 2008

rural missouri law

i had a comment regarding killing the other dog that pushed my buttons.
    "Yes, you are protecting your farm and family. You are also demonstrating that it is ok to destroy others "property." Too bad something couldn't have been worked out in a peaceful manner. Where these dogs strays? or someone elses pets?
    I am sorry for the loss of your chickens.
    Peace to you.

i spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about the example i set for my children. of course i am demonstrating that it is alright to kill other peoples property. it is well within missouri law for me to kill any animal that is merely threatening my livestock let alone killing over half of them--for sport i might add. are they pets or strays? does it matter? they were threatening the wellbeing of my family. as assuredly as they would if they were attacking them directly.

to take the concept to an extreme; do you think it is ok to shoot someone who has broken into your home and is trying to kill your children? i am one of those people that could arrive on that scene with a gun--i wouldn't hesitate to use it. most statistics suggest that a gun in that situation usually gets turned on the home owner.
since getting the gun i have killed one groundhog and four dogs. they were all threatening my family's livelihood.

while living in santa barbara, san diego, san francisco, cologne and kingston upon thames i'd never thought that i'd own a gun. i have concluded that living here owning a gun is a necessity. intimately knowing the perspective of purchasing-all-my-food i never thought i would be in a position to need to defend it with deadly force. in-fact the debate as to whether we should even get a gun was long and grueling--especially with myself.

why did that comment touch my nerve? probably because the long process by which i came to own a gun and the inner struggles that were overcame to be able to wield it. i would never kill for sport and appall the idea of it. i do think that displaying to my children that i am a man of will, discernment and character is of paramount importance.

we are teaching our children how to provide for themselves on as many levels as we are able. obviously during a confrontation diplomacy is always the first course of action and violence is always the last. there is no reasoning with a confirmed chicken killing dog. the dog owners, if there are any, obviously don't have the ability to contain them. therefore that point is mute.

mostly that statement makes me feel judged. i won't abide being judged. i choose to not judge others--on any level. therefore i demand to not be judged myself. everyone is allowed their perspective and i welcome you voice it here. although, if you choose to judge me then please take it to your own blog.

maybe that wasn't passing judgment. maybe i'm just hypersensitive. maybe i want all my reader to be a bunch of yes-men--not true btw. in-fact my best friend is assuredly upset by my killing any dog. he is a consummate dog lover and would probably never see a reason to kill a dog. his comment on the subject was;
    "Whereas I hate the idea of putting any dog down, whether it's because of the irresponsibility of the owner, or a mis fortunate accident, I do believe it's your right and responsibility to protect your family and livelihood (livestock). In Montana, it's perfectly legal to shoot a dog even for just harassing livestock. I'm pretty confident most rural areas have the same allowances.
    It's unfortunate because even the best dogs get excited around any animal. But, do what you gotta do"--btw, i fixed all your spelling mistakes matt;p

in fact i like my ideas to be challenged. i especially like being given correct information. that is the beauty of exchanging information. i'm not scared to stick my neck out there and display my soft underbelly on this blog. but, if i feel judged i will call-it-out and request clarification.

please don't let this post scare you from commenting i really like comments.

are there any readers who provide a significant portion of their food from their land disagree that defending their livelihood by killing a chicken-killing-dog is wrong?

one final point;
my father-in-law lost three almost finished hogs (a large financial investment) to one of the packs of dogs that terrorize this road. it is a confirmed problem in this area and must be dealt with gravely.
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